Types of Personal Protective Equipment

24 Sep

This refer to wears which are used to protect someone form injury or from other hazardous infection. Some of these wears include helmets, goggles, clothing or other equipment which are usually designed to prevent your body. The purpose of these equipment's is to ensure the number of injuries or accidents in workplace is reduced. When the exposure of hazards is not minimized it may cause even illness to a person thus making the activities of the work place to slow down.

Most of the injuries and illness that happen as a result of unnecessary personal protective equipment is due to contact with chemicals, physical electrical, mechanical, radiological and other hazards which may come from the workplace. In order to ensure that there is proper use of personal protective equipment they should be well designed and constructed. Also these personal protective equipment's or the ppe clothing should be well cleaned at daily basis and kept in a reliable fashion.

There are different types of personal protective equipment which are used in different industry and they depend with hazard which are present in the industry. These types of personal protective equipment are usually classified into eye and face protection, hand protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection and body respiration. To start with eye and face protection, some of the equipment's which are used include general safety glasses which are used to minimum the level of eye protection and these glasses must be worn when someone is in the laboratory. Laser safety glasses are other type of equipment which are used to protect eye and face and the selection of this type of glasses is based on the laser power and wavelength.Other glasses which are worn to prevent face and eyes include the chemical splash goggles, face shields and impact goggles.

When protecting your hands some of the protective clothing or wears which are used include gloves and these gloves are usually of different types. Some of the gloves which are commonly used include the light latex or the vinyl gloves and they are used when you are in contact with chemical splash hazards and biological hazards. Other gloves which are used include light chemical resistant gloves, heavy chemical resistant gloves, wire mesh gloves and insulated gloves.

Lastly, some of the protective clothing which can be used to protect your body may include lab coats, safety boots and many more other wears. There are different types of cotton which are used such as traditional cotton and they are used when dealing with physical, biological and radiation hazards.

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